80 Ebb and Flow

Dedication: George Chase

Recording Reference: Celebrations

Ebb and Flow is a diatonic duet, which means that there are no accidentals. The entire duet is in the key of E flat (three flats). I call these Tonalization Duets because I believe that spending time in one key, with no other notes as distractions, helps us learn how to think in that key. All of the Tonalization duets are meant to be used that way, to help the students learn to think in the different keys, as if they were speaking that key as a language.

The idea of writing tonalization duets is a simple one. Write only in the key, no accidentals. That’s the easy part. Making it sound interesting…not as easy. But learning to create within boundaries is how we find our freedom. Boundaries create an environment where creativity is unleashed. Ironic, right? Some of the most interesting trumpet duets in the Celebrations book are the diatonic, Tonalization duets.

Free Sample of this Duet: Ebb and Flow

Celebrations Trumpet Duet Number 80

Celebrations Trumpet Duet Number 80

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