71 Trumpet Dance

Dedication: Sam Trimble

Recording Reference: Celebrations

Trumpet Dance is a duet I composed in exact canon form, but in 5/8 time. It was inspired by a duet I used to play with Sam Trimble (my trumpet teacher at UTEP) and my friends. If you have the Selected Duets for Cornet or Trumpet, Volume 2, but Voxman, then you probably played that duet before. This Trumpet Dance duet was inspired by the duet on page 32 of that book. It’s titled Allegro (from Canonic Sonata No. 1) by Telemann.

This duet is also one of the Tonalization Duets in the Celebrations book. There are twelve of these diatonic duets in the book. They are 100% diatonic. No accidentals.

Free Sample of this Duet: Trumpet Dance


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