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29 Dorian Dance

Dedication: Milton Cousins Recording Reference: Celebrations Dorian Dance is an educational duet meant to help the students learn to play in 3/8 time signature. When I use this duet in the lessons, I take the opportunity to teach the students what … Continue reading


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98 At Sea With Me

98 At Sea With Me Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations At Sea with Me is one of the most difficult trumpet duets in the Celebrations book. It is based on the augmented scale with awkward rhythms over a 5/4 meter.

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77 It’s a Jivin’ Cingularity

77 It’s a Jivin’ Cingularity Dedication: Calvin Owens Recording Reference: Trumpet Quasi Master, Celebrations I wrote this duet to commemorate my friendship with blues trumpet legend, Calvin Owens. Calvin has since passed away, but he made a great impact on … Continue reading

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27 Maiden Dance

27 Maiden Dance Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations Maiden Dance is an intermediate duet meant to teach students how to play in 3/8 meter.

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3 When I Sleep

3 When I Sleep Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations When I sleep is another beginner duet. The Celebrations book starts off with duets that are easy enough for absolute beginners.

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2 Church Mode

2 Church Mode Recording Reference: Celebrations This is another one of the trumpet duets I wrote for my son, Alex, and I to play together when he was first learning how to play the trumpet.

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26 Tin Roof Tango

26 Tin Roof Tango Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations I composed Tin Roof Tango so the students could work on their articulation and syncopation.

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52 Remember When

52 Remember When Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations This was the second duet I wrote for the book, over twenty years after I composed the first one. It was writing this duet that reminded me how much I enjoyed writing duets and … Continue reading

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76 Siempre Salseros

76 Siempre Salseros Dedication: Lonny Lalanne Recording Reference: Celebrations The first part of my trumpet career here in Houston I was primarily a salsa player. I grew to love the music so much that today the salsa influence is in almost … Continue reading

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99 Mambito

99 Mambito Dedication: Martin Huerta Recording Reference: Celebrations Mambito is dedicated to my good friend in El Paso, Texas, Martin Huerta. Martin and I were trumpet students together at the University of Texas at El Paso. I dedicated this duet … Continue reading

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