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60 Trumpet Crab Canon

Dedication: James Barnes Recording Reference: Celebrations The Trumpet Crab Cannon was my first time writing this way. It’s an old composition technique where one trumpet player reads the music forward while the other trumpet player reads the music backward. This kind … Continue reading

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35 Reverent Spider

Dedication: Matt Smith Recording Reference: Celebrations The Reverent Spider duet is one of the easiest spider duets in the Celebrations trumpet duet book. Spider Duets are based on a harmonic language I invented in the mid 1980’s. There are a number … Continue reading

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80 Ebb and Flow

Dedication: George Chase Recording Reference: Celebrations Ebb and Flow is a diatonic duet, which means that there are no accidentals. The entire duet is in the key of E flat (three flats). I call these Tonalization Duets because I believe that … Continue reading

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29 Dorian Dance

Dedication: Milton Cousins Recording Reference: Celebrations Dorian Dance is an educational duet meant to help the students learn to play in 3/8 time signature. When I use this duet in the lessons, I take the opportunity to teach the students what … Continue reading

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98 At Sea With Me

98 At Sea With Me Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations At Sea with Me is one of the most difficult trumpet duets in the Celebrations book. It is based on the augmented scale with awkward rhythms over a 5/4 meter.

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77 It’s a Jivin’ Cingularity

77 It’s a Jivin’ Cingularity Dedication: Calvin Owens Recording Reference: Trumpet Quasi Master, Celebrations I wrote this duet to commemorate my friendship with blues trumpet legend, Calvin Owens. Calvin has since passed away, but he made a great impact on … Continue reading

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27 Maiden Dance

27 Maiden Dance Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations Maiden Dance is an intermediate duet meant to teach students how to play in 3/8 meter.

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