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A number of the duets in Celebrations were written just because I wanted to write them. I had a composition idea and realized the idea for trumpet duet. I call these Expressive Duets because their only objective was to create some good music.

I try to be expressive in all of my writing, but most of the duets in Celebrations were first conceived as either educational devices for my students or exercises for me as a composer.

52 Remember When

52 Remember When Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations This was the second duet I wrote for the book, over twenty years after I composed the first one. It was writing this duet that reminded me how much I enjoyed writing duets and … Continue reading

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76 Siempre Salseros

76 Siempre Salseros Dedication: Lonny Lalanne Recording Reference: Celebrations The first part of my trumpet career here in Houston I was primarily a salsa player. I grew to love the music so much that today the salsa influence is in almost … Continue reading

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99 Mambito

99 Mambito Dedication: Martin Huerta Recording Reference: Celebrations Mambito is dedicated to my good friend in El Paso, Texas, Martin Huerta. Martin and I were trumpet students together at the University of Texas at El Paso. I dedicated this duet … Continue reading

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101 Civic Beauty

101 Civic Beauty Dedication: Dennis Dotson Recording Reference: Trumpet Quasi Master Civic Beauty is a swing duet based on Dennis Dotson’s original tune titled Civic Duty. Dennis and I have been friends since my first couple years here in Houston. We … Continue reading

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50 Toy Bugler

Toy Bugler The Toy Bugler is a test in what I call “tongue endurance”. For students who have never tongued consecutively for an entire piece, this duet can cause their tongues to cramp up. But keep at it! Eventually your … Continue reading

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51 Elegy

51 Elegy Recording Reference: Celebrations This was the duet that started it all. I composed quite a few duets when I was in high school for me and my friends to play. This is the only one that survived. Elegy … Continue reading

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