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Most of the Intermediate Duets were written for students of mine. Each one of them focuses on a specific challenge that a student was facing at the time.

54 Trumpet Triumph

Dedication: Frank Green Recording Reference: Celebrations There is a category of etude that I like to practice and assign to my students that I call articulation endurance. These are etudes for which we are single tonguing relatively quickly for an … Continue reading

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28 Street Stroll

Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations Street Stroll is an educational trumpet duet I composed to help students learn to play in the 6/8 time signature. This duet can be performed in either two or six. I like to assign it to … Continue reading

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29 Dorian Dance

Dedication: Milton Cousins Recording Reference:┬áCelebrations Dorian Dance is an educational duet meant to help the students learn to play in 3/8 time signature. When I use this duet in the lessons, I take the opportunity to teach the students what … Continue reading

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27 Maiden Dance

27 Maiden Dance Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations Maiden Dance is an intermediate duet meant to teach students how to play in 3/8 meter.

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26 Tin Roof Tango

26 Tin Roof Tango Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations I composed Tin Roof Tango so the students could work on their articulation and syncopation.

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25 No More Serious Now

25 No More Serious Now This is a duet I wrote to help my students learn to play triplets.

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