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The Tonalization Duets are completely diatonic. They are written in one key only and have absolutely no accidentals and no chromaticism of any kind.

71 Trumpet Dance

Dedication: Sam Trimble Recording Reference:┬áCelebrations Trumpet Dance is a duet I composed in exact canon form, but in 5/8 time. It was inspired by a duet I used to play with Sam Trimble (my trumpet teacher at UTEP) and my … Continue reading

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80 Ebb and Flow

Dedication: George Chase Recording Reference:┬áCelebrations Ebb and Flow is a diatonic duet, which means that there are no accidentals. The entire duet is in the key of E flat (three flats). I call these Tonalization Duets because I believe that … Continue reading

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100 Cookin’ ‘n’ Burnin’

100 Cookin’ ‘n’ Burnin’ Dedication: Jawn Glass Recording Reference:┬áCelebrations Cookin’ ‘n’ Burnin’ is a double tongue duet completely in the key of C, no accidentals, modulations or chromaticism of any sort. I dedicated this duet to Jawn Glass, my good … Continue reading

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