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54 Trumpet Triumph

Dedication: Frank Green Recording Reference: Celebrations There is a category of etude that I like to practice and assign to my students that I call articulation endurance. These are etudes for which we are single tonguing relatively quickly for an … Continue reading

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95 Sonic Mischief

Dedication: Marty Olivas Recording Reference: Celebrations Sonic Mischief is a swing duet, in six, that was designed to help students grow their technique on the C sharp whole-tone scale. Every note of the duet is in that one scale. The … Continue reading

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97 Spider Ground

Dedication: Ken Easton Recording Reference: Trumpet Quasi Master, Celebrations Spider Ground is a modern sounding duet based on my Spider Chords harmonic language. A ground is a composition built around a short, repeated, melodic segment that is usually in the … Continue reading

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28 Street Stroll

Dedication: Recording Reference: Celebrations Street Stroll is an educational trumpet duet I composed to help students learn to play in the 6/8 time signature. This duet can be performed in either two or six. I like to assign it to … Continue reading

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4 Come With Me

Recording Reference:┬áCelebrations Come With Me is an easy duet that I originally composed for my son, Alex, and I to play when he was first starting off learning the trumpet. This one introduces half notes (the first three duets are … Continue reading

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71 Trumpet Dance

Dedication: Sam Trimble Recording Reference:┬áCelebrations Trumpet Dance is a duet I composed in exact canon form, but in 5/8 time. It was inspired by a duet I used to play with Sam Trimble (my trumpet teacher at UTEP) and my … Continue reading

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19 Steeple on a Hilltop

Dedication: Recording Reference:┬áCelebrations Steeple on a Hilltop is one the beginner duets in the Celebrations book. It is an opportunity for the students to learn to play in a stately, maestoso style. Free Sample of this Duet: Steeple on a … Continue reading

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